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Total profits of the listed companies in 9M 2014 hit $177.41 million


Mr. Ahmad Aweidah, the CEO of Palestine Stock Exchange PEX, noted that the legal period of disclosing the 9M unaudited financial data has ended. Whereby 46 companies of the listed companies has disclosed within the legal period (around 94%), noting, that 70% of them reported profits in 9M 2014; 32 companies posted profits out of 46 companies, and 38 companies either posted profits or reduced their losses. According to the disclosed financial data in 9M 2014, total listed companies’ profits reached $177,406,121 ( total profits of the companies that achieved profits, minus total losses of the companies that realized losses), compared to profits of $195,020,426in 9M 2013; down by 9.03%. It is worth mentioning that the 32 companies that earned profits recorded net profits of $195,112,335 in 9M 2014, while, the 14 companies that realized losses, recorded net loss of $17,706,213 in 9M 2014.



APIC reports net income of $15.95 million in 9M 2020

NAPCO realizes net loss of JD0.44 million in 9M 2020

BJP posts net income of JD0.62 million in 9M 2020

UCI posts net income of $0.16 million in 9M 2020

Lack of liquidity with increasing the anticipation for 9M disclosures

ARAB posts net income of JD0.06 million in 9M 2020

QUDS posts net income of $7.92 million in 9M 2020

RSR posts net income of JD0.19 million in 9M 2020

Al-Quds Index in the green zone amid the start of 9M 2020 financial data disclosures

APC posts net income of JD0.49 million in 9M 2020

Scarce transactions and an absence in the institutional transactions

Al-Quds Index continues to decline and a new anticipation raises



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