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Al-Quds Index rebounds upward amidst optimism


Sahem Weekly Trading Report [24-28/08/2014]

Al-Quds Index has fluctuated upward and downward for the last three months, while witnessed fast price fluctuations during the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. But along the blurry political scene, the fluctuations weren’t of the size of the incident. The upward fluctuations outweighed the downward ones, to be reflected in an increase in Al-Quds Index by 3.83% since the end of June 2014. The reporting of the ceasefire news had the lion’s stake of moving the optimism or pessimism, whereby, Al-Quds Index quickly rebounded upward by 1.05% during this week after reaching a long term Israeli- Palestinian truce agreement in Gaza Strip after seven weeks of war, which in turn raised new topics to be discussed such as serious negotiations.  As a natural reaction, transactions in Palestine Stock Exchange PEX were revived parallel with what supports the prices stability and increase their levels. The listed companies’ financial results in H1 2014 coincided with the positive investors’ expectations that preferred retaining their investment positions instead of abandoning them amid the political tension, to be the most important incentive and investors’ reassurance.  

During the week, some shares witnessed a distinguished performance in leading Al-Quds Index and increasing the transactions due to the speculative character on one hand and the substantial news momentum on another hand. Regarding its relative price stability, the share of Palestine Telecommunications Company PALTEL- the largest company by market capitalization- topped the PEX in terms of trading value; contributing around 35.55% of the PEX total trading value, to close at the level of JD5.58; slightly down by 0.36%. On the opposite, the share of Palestine Development and Investment Company PADICO – the largest investment company by market capitalization- gained significantly by 3.85%; and constituting the most important leverage to the Index during the week. PADICO ended its transactions that are worth 23.51% of the total PEX trading value at the level of $1.62.  Moreover, the share of Bank of Palestine BOP- the largest bank by market capitalization- could only post gains of 0.36%, to close at the level of $2.81, after transactions that constituted 7.28% of the total trading value of the week.

Regarding the active shares- the share of The National Bank TNB- which traded in a wide range due to entitling the right of subscription in the bank’s shares that will be offered for secondary subscription during the week. The substantial news witnessed a momentum at the end of the week after announcing signing a memorandum of understanding with Bank Al-Etihad in Jordan to acquire its assets and liabilities in Ramallah, Palestine, whereby, Bank Al-Etihad will become a strategic partner in TNB’s paid up capital that will reach $75 million after a 10% subscription. As a result of these developments, TNB stabilized at the end of the week, to close at the level of $1.14 after touching the $1.25 level.








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