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Al-Quds Index depends on the coming days developments


Weekly Trading Report [20-24/07[2014


Within the weak liquidity indicators in Palestine Stock Exchange PEX that was limited to 4 trading sessions, Al-Quds Index performance was characterized with stability and solidness after trading in a narrow range that didn’t exceed the 4 points, strengthening itself above the 500-points level due to price strength coinciding with the receding in small sales and lack of accumulation of others in the offers depth. Without any distinguished performance in the PEX and with the continuation of anticipation of the development in the investment environment in the political and security conditions in Palestine – as being an integral part of any State elements and the interface of the Palestinian economy that is most affected by the political situation-, Al-Quds Index stays under the coming days mercy of what may follow of declaration of the truce in Gaza Strip. On the other hand, the PEX enters in a long holiday starting from Thursday evening 27/04/2014 and ending on Sunday Morning 03/08/2014 on the occasion of Eid Al-Fiter, which mediates the end of two consecutive weeks, to deviate itself a little bit away from the consequences of any developments in the coming days, in hope for a recession in the negativity at the end of the period. There is no doubt that the observer touched the PEX ability to balance itself during the Israeli aggression days on Gaza Strip, and to isolate itself as much as possible, but the investment appetite has substantially fallen through this situation.


All shareholders categories of the listed PEX companies are anticipating the financial statements disclosure after the PEX return to resume its business as usual. Whereby, the PEX grants each listed company a period of one month and a half to disclose their semi-annual financial statements after approving them from the external auditor. In this context, Wataniya Palestine Mobile Telecommunications Company WATANIYA was the first to disclose its financial results, whereby, announced realizing net loss of $8.15 million in H1 2014 compared to a net loss of $11.57 million in H1 2013. It is worth mentioning that the company witnesses a decrease in its revenues by 3.34% despite an increase of 8.30% in the company’s subscribers coinciding with a decrease in the average monthly revenues per subscriber. The company also reduced its allowance for doubtful accounts and administrative expenses, leading to shrink the H1 2014 net loss by 29.5% compared to the corresponding period.


Regarding this week’s trading, the balancing in the blue-chips prices played an important role in the minor change in Al-Quds Index. In the trading context, the share of Palestine Telecommunications PALTEL- the largest company by market capitalization- stabilized to close at the level of JD5.41 after transactions that constituted 49.27% of the overall trading value of the week. Moreover, the share of Palestine Development and Investment Company PADICO-the largest investment company by market capitalization- decreased by 3.25% to close at the level of $1.49 through transactions that contributed for 19.58% of this week’s overall trading value. On the other hand, the share of Bank of Palestine BOP- the largest bank by market capitalization- stabilized on its last week’s closing at the level of $2.79, through transaction worth 10.83%.




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