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Semi-Annual Company Disclosures for the year 2007


Semi-Annual Company Disclosures for the year 2007

 $3.2 million for PSE’s semi-annual profit

Data indicated a net profit before taxes of $3,237,178 compared with $3,684,626 for the semi-annual period of 2006.The company’s assets amounted to $161.261.534 while last year it was $168,295,624 in 12-31-2006.It notes that liabilities have also decreased up to $91,055,327 after they had $95,326,595 in 12-31-2006.The net shareholders rights went from $72,969,029 in 12-31-2006 to $70,206,207 in 06-30-2007.

 7.8 Thousand JD in losses for PID

Financial data indicated a net loss amounting to 7,829JD for PID compared to last years loss at 1,389JD in 06-30-2006.The company’s assets amounted to 3,245,407JD while last year it was 3,251,729 in 06-30-2006.Liabilities were 48,384JD compared to 52,039JD as of 06-30-2006.The net shareholders rights are 3.197.023JD after being 3,199,690JD last year.

 More than 37 Thousand JD in Profits for ARE

Its data indicated a net profit of 37,979 before taxes for this year’s semi-annual disclosure. While last year the net profit amounted to 503,636 in 06-30-2006.The company’s assets are 1,712,774JD while last year it was 1,676,350 as of 06-31-2006.Its liabilities are 676,330JD but last year it amounted to 355,186JD as of 06-31-2006.As for the net shareholders rights it is 1,036,444JD after it was 1,321,157JD last year.

 57 Thousand JD in losses for The Grand Park Hotel

HOTEL indicated its net loss this semi-annual period amounted to 57,389NIS while last years profits amounted to 599,558NIS.The company’s assets are 25,466,997NIS after it was 26,033,835NIS as of 12-31-2006.It notes that liabilities have slightly declined to reach 25,455,997NIS after it was 25,984,937NIS as of 12-31-2006.The deficit rose shareholders rights to 9,844,438NIS compared to 06-30-2007 where it was 9,901,827NIS.

 8.3NIS Million as Profits for JCC

The PSE received audited financial statements from the company’s external auditor which indicated a net profit before taxes of about 8.3NIS million for this semi-annual period of 2007.While last year it was 9.4NIS million. The total of assets is about 271.5NIS million while it was 7.671NIS last year. The shareholders total rights amounted to 47.2NIS million compared to last years which was 76.2NIS million.

 98 Thousand JD in losses for NCI

NCI’s audited financial statements showed a net loss of about 98JD thousand for this semi-annual period of 2007.This compared with last years which was 35JD thousand. The total amount of assets is 4.5JD million while last year it was 4.7 million JD. As for the total dues it amounted to 4.1JD million while it was 4.3JD million last year. The auditors report indicated that the company had not calculated the cost of real estate consumption and machinery and equipment use for the period January 1, 2005-June 30, 2005.Therefore bringing cumulative losses to 136JD million, lowering assets to the same amount also. It was also pointed out that comparative financial figures weren’t shown in each of the lists of income and changes for the rights of shareholders and cash flows for 6 months ending of June 30, 2006.

 817,030JD in Net Profits for PRICO before taxes

 PRICO’s financial data indicated a net profit ,before taxes,of 817,030JD.Its assets amounted to 63,257,179JD compared to last years with was 62,852,081JD.Liabilies are 3,881,887JD and last year it was 34,535,802JD.The net shareholders rights amounted to 59,375,292JD when it was 58,316,279JD last semi-annual period.




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