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Eight Companies Disclose their Semi-Annual Financial Statements for 2007


Eight Companies Disclose their Semi-Annual Financial Statements for 2007

Profits of $8.3 million for the Bank of Palestine in the semi-annual period for 2006 and $5.3 suspended benefits.

The Bank of Palestine achieved a net profit which exceeded $8.298 million, after resolving the outlay of $5.3 million in benefits for reservists, in commitment to the instructions issued by the Monetary Authority.

Also the declaration of the bank profits came in the context of the policy of disclosure of the preliminary financial statements fro this semi-annual period.

821 thousand JD in profits for JPH.

The company’s data indicated a net profit of 821,313JD before taxes for this year semi-annual period. Last year its net profit was 840,611 JD. It retreated by 2.29% due to the company’s rehabilitation sections as production satisfactions. This was according to what was stated in the attachment accompanied with the disclosed annex. The company’s assets amounted to 21,280,029 JD compared to 20,335,648 JD as in 31/12/2006, while liabilities amounted to 3,367,941 JD unlike last years which was 2,652,424.Total shareholders rights for this semi-annual period amounted to 17,912,088 JD where last year it was 17,683,224 JD.

$514 Thousand in losses for JREI

For this company’s semi-annual financial data it indicated a net loss of $514,064 while for the semi annual period of 06/30/2006 the net loss was $27,947.The company’s assets amounted to $10,231,057 while it was $11,159,599 as of 31/12/2006.Liabilities amounted to $1,171,705 compared to $1,281,689 as of 31/12/2006.The net dues were up to $9,059,352 after being $9.877.910 at last years semi-annual period.

148 Thousand Dinars in losses for VOIC

The PSE received the audited financial statements for VOIC as of 30/06/2007.The disclosure system granted an establishment by each company including a month and a half to explain the data for the second quarter of this year. The net loss amounted to 147,821 JD compared with last year at 35,336 JD. The company’s assets amounted to 8,566,713 JD after it was 9.212.913 JD in the first semi-annual period. It indicates that liabilities have slightly increased to reach 5,170,232 JD after it was 5,095,083 JD the same period last year. The net shareholders rights were 4,117,830 JD for last year and this year it amounted to  3,401,481.


95.7 Thousand Dinars as Profits for APC

Data indicated the company’s net profit last semi-annual period of 2006 to be 95,688 JD while amounting to 36,957 JD after taxes this year. The company’s assets were 2,165,968 JD while last year it was 1,930,003.Its liabilities amounted to 590,712 JD and its total dues are 1,571,340.


The CBP Net Loss Amounted to $54 Thousand

Audited financial statements showed the banks net profit before taxes to be $301,999 with a $54,560 after deducting tax adjustments for previous years.

2000.00 JD in Net Profits for the GMC and $2.6 million for AIB as profits.











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