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The President Places Fayyad in Charge of the Formation of a New Government


The President Places Fayyad in Charge of the Formation of a New Government


A Decree to add 3 New Ministers for the Government before its resignation…Considering it a “Continuous Functionality” Government.


President Mahmoud Abbas placed Dr. Salam Fayyad in charge of the new government after the resignation of the old emergency government to save the state expired, as of midnight last night. President Abbas asked Dr. Fayyad to continue his work for the functioning government, while enabling the Legislative Council meeting to vote in confidence for this government. Before the emergency government resigned the president issued a decree by virtue of the addition of 3 new ministers .The new ministers swore an oath before the president and before Dr.Fayyad in the presidential headquarters in Ramallah. We congratulate the new misisters: Ibrahim Khalil Alabrash,Minister of Coulture,Dr.Ali Ahmed Khashan,Minister of Justice and Mahmoud Abu Daqqa,Minister of Youth and Sports.




Al-Quds Index at its highest level in three years

Al-fiter holiday announcement

Delisting the Arab Palestinian Shopping Center BRAVO from the PEX

Al-Quds Index rebounds upwards in mid-June

Al-Quds Index in the red zone in the second week of Ramadan

New anticipations appear with the start of June



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